Individual Subset Push Capability added to Asset Snapshot


Individual Subset Push Capability added to Asset Snapshot Push


Snapshot users now have the ability to push individual subsets within the Asset Snapshot push feature. Previously, users were only able to push an entire subset for a given Asset, i.e. all fields in the Account object.  Now users can easily push individual elements in a subset (fields, record types, workflows, etc) using the Asset Snapshot push feature.  


For example, to push individual fields, follow the steps below:


  1. Go to the Asset Snapshot Push


  1. Log into the Destination Org and create a back up Snapshot


  1. Once the push dialog appears, select Objects: Fields from the first column.  Notice that, once selected, little black arrows are displayed next to each object that has fields.




  1. Click on the arrow next to the object you want and a list of fields on that object will appear in the box.




  1. Select the desired fields and then select the appropriate option to that field to the Job List. If you select the field and then click the Super Select, Snapshot will populate the job list with everything related to the selected field.




  1. Once you have assembled your Job List, continue with your push as usual.