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SnapShot adds 2 reports


SnapShot has just added 2 new reports to the Asset SnapShot Options menu.

These reports include the following:


Asset Comparison Report

Record Type and Picklist Matrix


Asset Comparison Report


SnapShot has just added the Asset Comparison Report which allows users to create a report that shows a high level view of the contents of two or more selected Asset Snapshots.  Users will be able to choose to report on everything, differences only or similarities only and then save the report in a CSV, HTML or PDF file format. 


To access the Asset Comparison report, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Asset Snapshot
  2. Click on the Options Menu
  3. Select the Generate Comparison Report option






     4. Once selected, the Generate Asset Comparison Report dialog box will appear.




     5. First, you must select the Asset Snapshots that you want to compare from the Available SnapShots box in the top left corner of the dialog and then click the      green arrow to move them to the Selected Comparison box.



     6. Next, on the right side of the screen, select the Assets that you want to include in the report. You can choose individual assets, complete sections or select      all assets by checking the appropriate check box.  Note: Checking the Objects: All check box will only display the differences of all object metadata and not      specific differences.




     7. Next, select what you want to be displayed from the following options:



     8. Then select the File Format that you want to export the report in from the following options:



     9. Once you have selected your desired file format, simply click the Generate button at the bottom of the dialog box to start the report creation.



You will be able to see the progress of the report generation by looking at the progress bar located above the generate button.




Below is an example of this report.


SnapShotAssetComparison - 5-20-2010 



Record Type vs. Picklist Matrix


SnapShot has just added the Record Type Picklist Matrix which allows users to view a Record Type vs. Picklist matrix for selected objects in the Asset SnapShot.  This matrix can be saved in a CSV format.


To access the Record Type Picklist Matrix, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Asset Snapshot


     2. Click on the Options Menu


     3. Select the Record Type Picklist Matrix option



     4. Once selected, the Generate Record Type Picklist Report dialog box will appear.      



     5. To use the matrix, first select an object from the list on the left side of the dialog box. Note: if an object is not highlighted, it means that it has neither a picklist nor a      record type tied to it. 



     6.  To populate the matrix, simply select an Object from the left hand box. Once selected, a list of Object fields will populate the first column, followed by the      picklist values in the other columns.  The record types are displayed across the top of the matrix. 

     Note: ** denotes the default value.  Also, if you see red, it means that there are picklist values present for the specific record type.




     7.  You can also export the results out to a CSV file by clicking on the Export To CSV button on the bottom of the dialog box.



SnapShot Feature Release Notes - Record Type Picklist Matrix Report - May 2010