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Manage Resource Pool feature


Ability to Easily Assign Multiple Resources to Multiple Projects


DreamTeam now allows Project Managers to easily manage their resources and assign them to multiple projects from one dialog box. The Manage Resource Pool command has been added to the Resource Menu. This feature allows you to easily select multiple resources (Users, Contacts and Capital Assets) and assign them to multiple projects at the same time. To use the Manage Resource Pool feature, simply follow the directions below:


1. Click on the Resource Menu and select the Manager Resource Pool command








2. Once selected, the Manage Resource Pool dialog box will appear. Here is where you can select the desired resource(s) that are assigned to the current project in the box on the left and then select the project(s) that you want to assign them to from the box on the right.



Projects that appear in the Other Projects box that are displayed in bold have a resource name that matched the selected resource. This means that this particular resource is already a resource on that project.


Projects that appear in the Other Projects box that are displayed in gray have a resource that conflicts with one of the selected resources. This means that there already is a resource with that name but it could be a different resource type.


3. Once you have selected the projects you want to assign the selected resource(s) to, click the Assign button.