• If you are citizen of an European Union member nation, you may not use this service unless you are at least 16 years old.

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Search and Storage Options


TableTop contains 7 search and storage options including:


1. Folder - Folders allow you to organize your documents (filters, lists, snapshots, web pages, etc…).  Folders can be shared with other Users in your Org.


2. Filter – A Filter is a search mechanism that allows you to narrow down your search criteria.  Filters are stored in folders on the Side Bar.  A filter can be saved as filter, a list or a snapshot. Filters update the information each time requested.


3. List - A List is a manually updated list of ID’s and records. (Ex: A list of your key Accounts) Lists are stored in folders on the Side Bar. A List can be saved as list or a snapshot. 


4. SnapShot - A SnapShot is a non editable picture of the data selected from a List or a Filter that is stored in a folder on the Side Bar.


5. Web Page – TableTop allows you to store Web page URL’s for easy access to the sites you access the most.


6. Database – The Database feature is a simple schema editor that provides you with the ability to create custom fields and custom objects to table Top.  You can choose field types and field labels.  You can define the structure of your org.


7. Records – The Records feature allows you to import your data into TableTop as a csv file.  It will not merge records so each time it will create new record.