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Sharing Reports



Share Projects


DreamTeam allows you to easily share your Project Reports in a Read Only view with any one external or internal from your company. To share a project, right click on one of the Shared Groups in the left hand side navigation panel. Two options will appear. Click on share Report Link and the the Share a Report Link dialog box will appear.



To Share a Project


The user must enter the following:


Login Credentials:  The user must enter their password. Note: If you are using DreamTeam on the Salesforce.com platform, here is where you enter your Salesfroce Password and directly behind it your Salesforce Security Token.  To access your Salesforce Security Token, you must reset it in the My Personal Information section in the Salesforce setup mode.


Secuity Features: The user has the ability to add optional security features if desired including:

Password: Here the user can require that the end user enter a password to access the link

Expires: Here the user can set an expiration date for the link

Views: Here the user can choose which reports they want to share with the end user.


Delivery Options: Here the user can choose from the following delivery options to send the link:

Microsoft Outlook

Web Service Email

Copy to Clipboard


Subject: Here the user can modify the subject line if desired


Email: Here the user can enter the email address(s) of the end user.  You can send the link to multiple end users by adding a comma to the email list.


Message: Here the can modify the message however, please do not remove the link from the message box.


Note: All Shared Reports are Read Only.




Manage Shared Projects


Users can also manage all Project Report links by clicking the Manage Report Links option. Here users can view the following:


Subject - Which report links have been sent out.

To Email - Whom they have been sent to.

Created On - The date the link was created.

Expires On - The date the link will expire.

Last - The last time the end user looked at the link.

Hits - The number of times the end user had views the links.



Users can right click on the Link and either preview, delete or copy the link to a clipboard.