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Recommended Order of Operation


SnapShot Recommended Order of Operations


In order to achieve maximum results with your deployment, it is recommended that you follow the documented Order of Operations that is detailed below from the Asset SnapShot. 


  1. Queues, Groups, Roles, Custom Labels, Static Resources, Quick Actions
  2. Objects: All – This will push all Objects plus their related Record Types, Web Links, Validation Rules, Search Layouts, List Views. If you decide not to push Objects: All you can push the individual objects listed below.
    1. Object: Fields
    2. Object: List Views
    3. Object: Record Types
    4. Object: Search Layouts
    5. Object: Sharing Reasons
    6. Object: Sharing Recalculations
    7. Objects: Validations Rules
    8. Objects: Weblinks 
  3. Settings, Apex Classes, Apex Components, Apex Pages, Apex Triggers, Page Layouts, Email Templates, Letterheads, Workflows (users tied to workflows must be created in the Destination Org prior to pushing)
  4. Report Types, Reports, Dashboards, Analytic Snapshots,  Home Page Web Links, Home Page Components, Home Page Layouts, Connected Apps. App Menus, Custom Tabs, Custom Applications, Custom Sites, Remote Site Settings, Assignment Rules, Auto Response Rules,  
  5. Profiles: All – This will push all Profiles plus the related settings including: Application Visibility, Field Level Security, Layout Assignments, Object Permissions, Record Type Visibility and Tab Visibility. If you decide not to push Objects: All you can push the individual objects listed below.
    1. Profiles: Application Visibility
    2. Profiles: Field Level Security
    3. Profiles: Layout Assignments
    4. Profiles: Object Permissions
    5. Profiles: Record Type Visibility
    6. Profiles: Tab Visibility 
  6. Permission Sets, Account Sharing Rules, Lead Sharing Rules, Opportunity Sharing Rules, Custom Object Sharing Rules, Custom Object Translation