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Push Folder Based Assets



Push Folder Based Assets


SnapShot also allows users to push Folder Based Assets including Reports, Dashboards, Documents and Email Templates.  These assets are a little different than other assets because they are stored in salesforce Folders and are potentially very large in size. These assets are Not included in the asset snapshot and must be moved directly between orgs.


To access the Push Folder Based Assets feature:


1. Simply click on the Options Menu and select the Push Folder Based Assets command.




2. Once selected, the Push Folder Based Assets login screen will appear.  Here, users must log into both the Source and the Destination Orgs and then click Next.




3. Once logged in, the Push Folder Based Assets dialog box will appear with a box for the Source on the left, a box for the Destination in the center, a drop down menu containing the Folder Based Asset options on the top and the Push Options on the right.  There are four Folder Based Asset options including:





Email Templates


Also note the check box beneath the Results box. By checking this option, SnapShot will dynamically create any missing folders for the user during the push.




4. Once the user selects their desired folder based asset, SnapShot will automatically log into the Source Org and populate those assets in the Source Org box on the left.



5. Select the folder based asset that you want to push and then click the green arrow to move it over to the Destination. Then select the Check For Errors Without Making Changes option first to see if any errors occur. Once no errors occur, select the appropriate push option and continue with the deployment.






Push Selected Folder Based Assets


Users now have the ability to choose either all of the Reports, Dashboards, Documents and Email Templates or Selected Reports, Dashboards, Documents and Email Templates from the drop down menu in the Folder Based Asset Push dialog box.


To choose a Selected Report simply log into the Source and the Destination Org's.  Once in the dialog box, click on the drop down menu at the top and then choose the appropriate option from the drop down menu. (see screen shot)



Once the user has seelcted their desired option, the Select Palette will appear.  Here is where the user can select the desired Folder Based Asset folderand then click OK to begin moving the assets into those folders.