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DreamFactory Application Suites


DreamFactory Utilities (SnapShot, Monarch and Cascade)


DreamTeam Suite (Project Manager, Project Calendar, Project Reporter, Timesheet Editor, Document Manager)



News & Announcements


November 11, 2016

New Job List Creation: Better Profile & Permission Set Migration


Set Job List Priority in Cascade

Git Hub Repo Branch Enhancement in Cascade


July 29, 2016

Asset Comparison Changes in SnapShot


June 16, 2016

Enhanced Data Dictionary Report in SnapShot


May 27, 2016

Cascade Introduces GitHub Integration


May 20, 2016

Enhanced Asset List Management for Snapshot


March 25, 2016

Enhanced Package Management and Asset Selection in SnapShot


February 25, 2016

Fast Deploy in SnapShot


February 6, 2016

Managed Package Permissions in SnapShot


To access the features and enhancements from all of our products before the year 2016 please click the link below:


Archived Release Notes


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