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Creating Threaded Discussions



Creating Threaded Discussions


DreamTeam provides you with a number of collaborative tools to help them manage projects.  One of these tools is the Threaded Discussion. You can initiate Threaded Discussions with the Project Manager or other Project Team Members on both the Project & Task levels. DreamTeam allows you to create new topics, post a reply to an existing topic, edit an existing topic or delete a topic. You can also click on the notification envelop icon in the top right of the dialog box to notify other users of the Threaded Discussion.




How to create a Threaded Discussion on the project level.

Simply click on the Discussion button located in the top right corner of the Project Manager Application or open the Project Properties and click the Discussion button. 






How to create a Threaded Discussion on the task level.


1. Right click on a task in the Index and select the Threaded Discussion command from the popup menu.




2. Open the Task Properties and click the Discussion button.





3. Click on the Discussion Column on the Index next to the desired task.  That will automatically launch the Threaded Discussion dialog box.